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The Historic Fayette Hotel, also known as the Turner Hotel, was destroyed in the fire of 1911 which left most of downtown Fayette in ruins. It was rebuilt the following year in it's present location by the Grimsley family. Records from 1893 show the proprietress to be the widow Kate Turner, who leased the property from the owners.
In 1909 the Fayette Banner regarded the hotel as a "good accommodation with teh best and most up-to-date fixtures."
Originally it was a wooden structure above street level shops and businesses with a balcony running its length along Temple Avenue overlooking the Fayette County Courthouse.
By the mid 50s the glory days of the hotel had dimmed and it closed it's   doors around 1960. The Fayette Hotel had served as the center of activity for the city for over half a century, not only as a place of comfort for weary travelers but also as a residence and first home for families, young couples and single men.


Historic Fayette Hotel

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